Thursday, February 12, 2009

Republicans Targeting Braley

I must admit I haven't heard many names yet of Iowa Republicans looking to try to knock off 1st District Congressman Bruce Braley next year. Actually, I haven't heard any names. Of course, it is just February. But nationally, Republicans are apparently going to start running radio ads attacking Braley for his vote on the stimulus package.

Apparently, Dick Van Patten was wrong. Eight isn't enough. At least, not according to the "Octomom". Nadya Suleman is the California woman who decided a half dozen kids weren't enough, so she more than doubled her number of youngin's by somehow bearing eight more. Yes, that's 14. 14! And she's set up a pretty well-put-together website. I wonder if her publicist had something to do with this. It's the Suleman stimulus package.

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