Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wrapping Up

Obama finished by bringing the crowd to its feet (I think the third time he did it during his speech before several hundred AFSCME members here at the Holiday Inn in Des Moines).

He stuck around nearly a half hour shaking hands and posing for pictures. He's headed home. So am I.


Nancy said...

I don't get how he has so much enthusiasm for his campaign and so many supporters, but seems to not be doing well in the Iowa polls.

What's up?

Dave Price said...

Why do you say he's not doing well in the polls? He seems to be running second only to Edwards in most of the Iowa polls I see ???

Mitch Henry said...

I agree with you Dave. Very competitive in Iowa and New Hampshire. Looking very strong in New Hampshire in the last 4 weeks (solid 2nd in all recent NH polls).

Obama has a very strong field organization in Iowa and is still drawing very good crowds at campaign rallies. Twice as many field offices in Iowa vs Clinton & Edwards. As most people are aware of his fundraising exceeds expectations of many local and national observers.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone know that Obama's staffer Derrick Johnson was
arrested on a warrant out of IL at the airport on Friday? AND last night a
judge in IL magically took care of the warrant and ordered the Polk
County Jail to release the subject without any bond or charges. They just
released him because the judge stated that everything had previously
been taken care of. So basically Obama's campaign has a judge on board
and released him without any penelty. He was set free last night. WOW.
Aggrivated battery and set free!!!

Mitch Henry said...

Anonymous is making some very serious allegations. What is your source anonymous?

Anonymous said...

They are serious... and I am just passing the information that I have found. Someone should look into it. There has to be paperwork at the jail or with the file at the agency that arrested him!

nancy said...

I thought Edwards was first, then Hillary, then Obama. My mistake. Sorry.