Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Can You Answer the Question?

I need a little help.

I'm looking for some republicans, democrats and independents. Here's why: We asked the presidential candidates (19 in all, I believe) some questions I think are pretty important. But did they actually answer them? That's where I need your help. We're going to bring in some folks to look over the candidates' answers to see two things...1. Do the answers make sense? 2. Did the candidates actually answer the question?

Wanna help? Check this out


Brenda said...

Great idea! Mind isn't made up, but don't know that it will be till I actually place my vote. Usually I know who I will vote for pretty early on (I guess it is still early).

The person I like isn't running in the lead, so I just don't think he will make a viable group when I caucus. It will all come down to who I choose as a second choice I guess.

Dave Price said...


Can you please email me at news@whotv.com?

Thanks a lot,