Saturday, July 21, 2007

He's Early...

Barack Obama was scheduled to speak here tonight at the AFSCME convention in Des Moines at 7pm. I think he got here at 6 and he was ready to go. The room wasn't yet.

I just ran into Dick Myers, the former State Rep. from Iowa City. He's supporting Obama. Why, I asked.

"He challenged the status quo."

"I like his sense of community" (Myers read his books)

"If we try to win elections by putting the fellows down, we're gonna lose." Myers said Obama doesn't do that and won't do that."


Mitch Henry said...

I agree with Senator Barack Obama's statement "We want something new. We want to turn the page." The American electorate are tired of the old style politicians like Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush. It's time for change. Do we really need eight more years of Bill and Hillary?

Dave Price said...

Who are you supporting, Mitch?

Mitch Henry said...

The candidate who will challenge the status quo in Washington DC - Barack Obama.