Thursday, July 05, 2007

From Billary to B.O.

I know it was only about 90 or so in Pella. But, man, did it feel like 110! Iowans will tell you, "it's the humidity." We were all drenched by the time Barack Obama arrived for our media avail. Best I could tell, he wasn't sweating.

A couple observations...despite the heat, the several hundred people who gathered in the front yard of the host's house to hear the Senator stuck around until he finished (including the curious neighbors who didn't come over, but did set up lawn chairs in the front yards to peak in on the activities). That's unlike what we saw Monday night at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. It was a much larger crowd. I'd guess somewhere between 3 and 4,000 (The campaign claimed 7,000 both to the media and in a followup email to supporters. I polled the national media folks, as well as a few locals I trust for their "guesstimating" skills, and no one seemed to think the crowd was anywhere near 7,000.)

Hillary Clinton spoke after her husband handed over the microphone. I counted dozens, if not hundreds of people who left early. Were they more interested in her husband? Were they just tired? (The Clintons did start the event an hour late) Were they just trying to beat the traffic? I didn't get to talk to them as they made their escape. I wish I could have. But I had to listen to the rest of Senator Clinton.

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Anonymous said...

Obama was "on" today but Hillary was not. She just read her speech, without much enthusiasm. I guess she just wanted to give the nuts and bolts of her plan so people would stop criticizing her for authorizing the war. Obama has had more energy lately though. Makes for a much better atmosphere.