Saturday, July 21, 2007

He's Taken The Mic

Obama just started, about five minutes early. That hasn't happened much lately. I don't mean with him. I mean with most any candidate it seems.

Here are some of his words...

"Who is going to stand up for me?" (He was talking about union members)

Obama talked about sanitation workers in the South who earned little money and little respect in the 1960s. These are the people he says who have worked to lay the foundation for jobs that these union workers now enjoy.

"You believe in organization without intimidation."

The guy in the Oval House doesn't care about workers (I missed a word, I think, but this is almost his direct quote)

“You fight for the right to organize, but the business lobby fights back by getting their friends in Congress and the White house to block card check, and stack the labor relations board with their friends and allies. Well it’s not the Department of Management, it’s the Department of Labor, and it’s time we won that fight too.”

Obama says the White House is the most anti-union administration in generations.

He said the only way a person can make changes that will help union workers is for the country to elect a person who can bring people together. He said he is the person who can do that.

"I will sign a universal health care plan by the end of my administration." (Can he still do that if voters give him a Republican Congress? We'll have to hold onto this quote for later.)

Obama reminds the room that he spoke out against the War in Iraq before it started. He's been doing this at most every recent stop I can remember. Just a subtle reminder, without actually saying the words, that Edwards and Clinton voted for the war.


Mitch Henry said...

Hillary Clinton's proposal to create universal health care is a farce. Clinton has sold out to health care special interest lobbyist and political action committees. In 2006 Hillary Clinton ranked first amongst Democrats in the U.S. Senate to accept campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical and health care industry. Clinton was first amongst all 100 senators to accept contributions from lobbyist in 2006 and number two amongst Democrats in the senate to receive big tobacco money.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone know that Obama's staffer Derrick Johnson was
arrested on a warrant out of IL at the airport on Friday? AND last night a
judge in IL magically took care of the warrant and ordered the Polk
County Jail to release the subject without any bond or charges. They just
released him because the judge stated that everything had previously
been taken care of. So basically Obama's campaign has a judge on board
and released him without any penelty. He was set free last night. WOW.
Aggrivated battery and set free!!!