Friday, July 20, 2007

Don't Sing With Your Mouth Full

I think the country band here at the AFSCME convention in Des Moines is called Crossfire. The lead singer just asked the audience to sing. Too bad the audience is eating right now. This might get messy.

Hillary Clinton just took the stage to the sounds of Celine Dion (Americans really voted for that song?). Crossfire must not have known any Celine. Celine came from a recording.

Some of her words tonight...

"Let's end this outsourcing of America." Clinton said she wants to cut 500,000 federally-contracted employees.

"The government is not against you. Your government understands the important role you (unions) pay in society."

"I think we need more middle class tax cuts."

I just spotted a few more leaders...Ako Abdul Samaad, the DSM State Rep., Bruce Hunter, who's also a DSM State Rep. Dan Albritton is also here. He's the former CIETC consultant who was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of trying to cover up the pay scandal there.

O.K., back to the Clinton comments...

"Women are good at cleaning."

I think there are actually birds flying over our heads inside the hotel here. Those are actually my words, not hers.

Clinton just finished.

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