Friday, July 20, 2007

Hello, Brothers and Sisters, Part II

No, that's not ice cream. It's butter! Butter? It's on each table here at the AFSCME convention at the Holiday Inn near the DSM Airport. Who needs that much butter?
It's a noticeably different feel here tonight for Hillary Clinton than it was around lunchtime when Bill Richardson took the stage. No box lunches for dinner. Tonight there's a nice spread of pork chops, potatoes, beans, salad, carrot cake and who knows what else...
Security's much different, too. I don't remember any security for Richardson. But there's the usual entourage of maybe a dozen or so secret service, police, etc. for Clinton.
Des Moines Senator Dick Deardon and Des Moines Representative Janet Peterson are among the crowd. So is Secretary of State Michael Mauro.
And, man, is it hot in here. I hope it doesn't melt the butter.

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