Saturday, March 05, 2011

Tea Party Test

Tea Party Test: It looks like I need to learn more about the tea partiers. I just took an on-line test and only scored a 70%. Granted, that was better than I did in my first accounting class in college. Iowa's head tea partier (yeah, I just made that up) sat in on Iowa Public Television's "Iowa Press" this weekend. He said his group will target Democratic Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, according to Radio Iowa's O. Kay Henderson's account of the show. Anti-Gronstal-ers are talking a lot these days about knocking him out. But Gronstal has proven to be a force at the statehouse, starting there back in 1985.

First Word: I didn't fare much better in a little unofficial test at home either. Our 7-month-old said his first word. Here's a hint: it wasn't "dad". The last few days, Hayden has been saying "mamamamama" and "bahbahbahbah". So yesterday, "mom" came out...again and again. And to think I'm the one who got up with him at 3am. No respect for dad. No respect.

Today, on his mom's birthday, he did help get his bath ready though:)

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