Sunday, March 13, 2011

Potato Bars, Mitch Daniels for President

You Say Potato. I Say, What?: I must admit I haven't heard of this one before. But there were three churches in Newton, Iowa, this weekend that held potato bars. The Newton Daily News had some background on it. I've seen all-you-can-eat potato bar buffets at restaurants. But I didn't know churches did their own potato thing. Because I'm nosy, I called Pastor Tiare Mathison-Bowie from one of the potato bar hosts, First Presbyterian Church in Newton. She said the church has been doing the potato bars for a half-dozen years or so. And, in case you thought of this before I did, there is, indeed a St. Patrick's Day connection. The timing of the potato bar event is no coincidence. It's all because of the potato famine in Ireland in the 1840s. Pastor Mathison admits her church's event is really the opposite of the potato famine. It's more, "Thank God for the blessings of potatoes", she told me. And she said this weekend offers a natural connection, coming before St. Pat's Day, giving everyone an excuse to get together for fellowship and thanks. About 95 people potatoed at the church today. Sorry to bother you on a Sunday night, pastor:)

(Pastor Tiare Mathison-Bowie. Photo courtesy: First Presbyterian Church, Newton)

And, of course, no potato story is complete without this spud dud memory:

More Mitch?: Did you see Indiana's Governor Mitch Daniels on "Meet the Press" this morning? I must say he didn't ooze the "I want to run for president" vibe, did he?

Here are some highlights thanks to the Politico's Mike Allen:

MITCH DANIELS, to Chuck Todd, guest moderator of "Meet the Press," on whether he'll run for president: "I'm not sure. ... I've agreed to consider it." On his deadline: "I don't know." On whether he can wait all summer: "I have no idea. ... There are some REALLY good people running. I like 'em all. ... It could be any one of those folks."


King of SNARK said...

While Dan Quayle shares some of the blame, it's never reported that a teacher gave him the card in his hand with the word misspelled on it.
For what its worth, I'd be screwed without spell check.

Dave Price said...

sO wood eye.