Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Same-Sex Marriage Rallies

Return Rally: This same-sex marriage fight won't end...almost certainly not this legislative session at the Iowa Statehouse. We had dueling rallies, although, really there was just one rally and one event. Here are some random observations:

By the numbers: Nearly 500 people opposing same-sex marriage. Several dozen supporting it.

Attire: Anti-same-sex'ers mostly wore red. Pro-same-sex'ers didn't dress the same. They did wear stickers showing support for their cause.

Age: A lot more gray in the crowd from the same-sex marriage opponents. Many retired people. Not all, but many. Same-sex marriage supporters seemed to be more 20 and 30-somethings. Does that reflect changing opinions in the state? Or is it just a coincidence?

Here Comes the Judge: Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore spoke in opposition to same-sex marriage. I actually covered Moore's election 10 years ago in Gadsen, Alabama, when he became chief justice. He was later removed from the bench for refusing to take down the Ten Commandments in the supreme court building. I left the state for Iowa before that happened. I do remember watching the Bush-Gore presidential race with him on tv back then though. I also remember trying to figure out what the heck Dan Rather was saying sometimes.

More By the Numbers: Times Bob Vander Plaats ran and lost in the race for governor: 2. Times Roy Moore ran and lost in the race for governor: 2.

BVP VP: This was the first time I saw Vander Plaats signing autographs. He did it before event began. He spoke at the rally but apparently left before it finished. I couldn't find him afterwards for an interview. Moore signed autographs, too, in case you were wondering.

Iowa, Onionized: Coincidentally, this week Iowa's same-sex marriage debate made the satire-publication, "The Onion".

Gingrich, the Giver: The Washington Post reports likely 2012 presidential candidate Newt Gingrich helped give a bunch of cash to oust the 3 Iowa supreme court justices. Will the $150k help get Gingrich some love next year for the caucuses?


Anonymous said...

BVP should put his mouth to good use and speak out against domestic abuse, child pornography, unemployment, better education, land stewardship, recycling or a host of other real problems and issues our world faces today. Maybe then he would garnish enough support to be thought of as an activist or politician. Staking your claim on an issue of inequality is not how this country was founded nor will it be how our country is remembered.

Jeff Perry said...

One of the things that upsets me about the media reports of yesterday's events is that you keep saying opposing rallies. There was only one rally scheduled and only one rally occurred. You keep talking about the size difference in the crowds when one group was having a rally and the other was simply having a lobby day. it only makes sense that the opponents of marriage equality would have more people when they brought in speakers and were organizing for a big crowd. One Iowa was only trying to get supporters to come to the Capitol to talk to legislators.

Dave Price said...

Fair point, Jeff.