Thursday, December 30, 2010

2012 Campaign promise, Gooey butter cakes

Daddy, I like to read!

2012: Before Christmas, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs asked for questions on Twitter. So I sent one in. Here was my question:

Will the president campaign in 2012 on ending the tax cuts for wealthier Americans? Or has he changed his mind for good on this?

Here was his reply:

Yes, POTUS will campaign against extending tax cuts for wealthy past 2012 - we can't afford it @idaveprice

Two things stood out in the reply to me. One, the prez will now have to push for raising taxes in an election year, according to this response. Of course, he was proposing that when he campaigned for the office the first time. But secondly, did Gibbs just admit the prez is running for re-election? I mean, it's not like most people don't think Obama wants a 2nd term. But still...

Gooey Goodness: Have you ever heard of gooey butter cake? It's butter, sugar, more sugar, more sugar, etc. And it's awesome. Incredibly sweet, but awesome. I think it might be a St. Louis thing. My mom makes a great one. Apparently, two local bakeries in St. Louis will bake-off against each other in a gooey butter cake contest on the Food Network's "Food Feuds" tonight at 9pm central. Yum.

(Photo courtesy: St. Louis Post-Dispatch)


Carole said...

Can't reisist... but what a cutie and I am sure he will always be surrounded by books and all things wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Gooey butter cakes are signature desserts for Paula Deen. You can get them @ Walmart.

Anonymous said...