Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dome Collapses

This was my view out of our front door this morning.

And here's my obstacle as I tried to open the door.

Stop the Snow: We only had about four inches or so of snow at my house. But it sure was nasty this weekend, so it felt like much more. The winds were terrible. They took your breath away and pelted you with those snow/ice pellets just to add insult to injury.
Dome Down: The video of what happened to the dome in Minneapolis is amazing. It seems like they are blaming the wind, more than the nearly foot-and-a-half of snow that fell. I've been there twice. We saw Mark McGwire play for the Cardinals against the Twins there in '98. Not much of a baseball stadium. But we did get to see him homer, so that was cool. Doesn't quite mean as much now that we know he was a cheat. A few years ago, we saw the Tampa Bay Bucs play the Vikings there. Seems like a much better place for football.

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