Friday, December 03, 2010

Sarah Palin in Iowa

The Day the Music Died: The Big Bopper died in Iowa. That's supposed to be the day the music died. But Sarah Palin's music apparently died here, too. During a book-signing tour in Spirit Lake, Iowa, Palin asked if a CNN reporter turned off her music so he could ask her a question. He denied it. He did manage to get her to answer a question. That's not easy unless you work for FOX news. Here's the exchange:


Anthill_Goddess said...

Acosta even says "and she wasn't doing interviews at this Wal-Mart..." so why dog on her for NOT wanting to answer his questions??

She has said the entire time that she was NOT going to be doing interviews during her book tour, and yet everyone seems surprised that she's starting to get annoyed by the reporters continuing to ask questions while she's trying to talk to the people who are buying her book!

Anonymous said...

Not to discount his death, but historically speaking, most people recognize Buddy Holly's death, along with Bopper's and Valens, as the day the music died as he was the most famous musician of the group that perished.