Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Holidays

Catching Up: Hi, it's been a while since I blogged. Two trips for our two families in two time zones brought chaos but a lot of welcome time with loved ones the past few weeks. The highlights:

Watching the grandparents loving all over Hayden. I didn't realize my old, crusty Dad could melt the way he does when Hayden smiles at him. Awesome.
White Christmases are nice. But there's something to be said for sunny and 70 in Tampa on Christmas Day!
Delta overbooked our flight, had mechanical problems with our second plane, lost our luggage on the return flight and then broke the handle on our suitcase. We did get 800 bucks worth of future flights for agreeing to get bumped off our flight, though.
My streak is over. I wish I could remember how many years it has been since I, well, you know, got sick (black and white cookie, anyone?). But it hit me Christmas night with a crowded room of guests at my in-laws' house. Not good timing. Of course, getting sick never is. Time to start a new streak. And a new year. Have a great year ahead, everyone!

Look to the cookie!

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