Monday, December 06, 2010

Branstad Calls Grontstal "Dictator"

Name-Calling: Governor-Elect Terry Branstad said Iowans should have the chance to vote on a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages. Branstad offered the same stance during the campaign, but he wouldn't say how he would vote on the matter. He still isn't saying. But he did have something to say about the man blocking a vote on the issue in the state senate, Democratic Majority Leader Mike Gronstal. Branstad said, "Just because you're a leader in the legislature, doesn't mean you are a dictator or you have the right to make unilateral decisions. And I think on an issue of this importance and magnitude, certainly, the senators should be given the opportunity to vote on it, as well as the representatives."

Branstad said a public vote would help restore public support in the judicial system. Gronstal has said repeatedly he considers same-sex marriage a civil rights issue and has no plans to bring up a possible constitutional amendment during the coming legislation session.

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RevRayGreen said...

Next will Brandstad announce that even if you have MS,Cancer,Epilepsy,HIV/AIDS and you use marijuana as medicine over FDA dope,he will ramp up cannabis enforcment and penalties.

He is the real Dick Tater,Hater.