Tuesday, January 04, 2011

F-word and N-word, Navy Captain Owen Honors

Word vs. Word: Are you following that scandal with Navy Captain Owen Honors? He reportedly stars in his own video where he makes derogatory comments about homosexuals and shows shower scenes of two men and two women to make his point. CNN has the lowdown on it. It sounds like the ol' captain is going down with the ship. CNN reports the Navy has relieved him of his duties. (By the way, anyone else see the irony of the military man named "Honors" who just got disciplined?)

Here's my question: Is the f-word he used on the tape numerous times (you know, the anti-gay word) on the same level as the n-word? And have people's views on the words changed over the past decade?


Renae D said...

Considering the level of hatred and venom behind what he said, yes...I think the f-word and the n-word are on the same playing field. The F-word may not have the same history (yet) that the n-word has, but for the most part it is all the same.

Ed Patterson said...

As it is with all controversial words everything depends on the context in which things are said. As a whole people need to worry less about the literal words being said and focus on the context that the speaker is trying to convey. When that is hateful that is when it derogatory.