Sunday, November 29, 2009

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays

It 's a p.c. world. No, not personal computers. I mean a world of political correctness. But a new poll shows more Americans prefer using the greeting "Merry Christmas" over "Happy Holidays" compared to last year. The new Rasmussen report showed Merry Christmas was the preferred greeting by 72-22%. It was 68-25% last year. Which one do you prefer?

And, in case you wondered, more Republicans and Independents prefer Merry Christmas, while fewer Democrats like that choice (but the majority of Dems still like it over Happy Holidays).

What do more people prefer Merry Christmas this year? Beats me. What do you think?


Lee--West Des Moines said...

Our country was founded on Christianity. It's not PC, but who cares. Say MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Jessica said...

I celebrate Christmas, just because, but I always say Happy Holidays, just so I don't offend anyone...working in customer service, it's a necessity.

Anonymous said...

Like most Rass polls this one asks the wrong question, with little or no context. Is it Xmas day or Xmas eve? I'd it is then I'll likely say Merry Xmas. If it is a week or two before Xmas why in Jeebus's name would I say Merry Xmas? Can't we just be Christlike and enjoy the entire holiday season from Tday - new years with pundits and Jesus warriors trying to divide us?

Lee said...

Hey Anonymous,

Since you use X instead of Christ in Christmas and you call Jesus "Jeebus", I guess you aren't into religion much?

Neg said...

Lee, I agree with both of your posts!

Anonymous said...

Wrong answer Lee. I used X because I was uploading from a mobile browser. I used Jeebus because I don't use the lord's name in vane.

Keep soldiering on in the imaginary 'war against Christmas' - it's very Christlike of the two of you


Happy Holidays folks, I Gotta run, the wife wants me to help her decorate the Jesus tree.

Jeffrey7500 said...

I've never tried to be politically correct, so Merry Christmas Dave.

Anonymous said...

Please !!! don`t let congress vote on it Always has been always will be MERRY CHRISTMAS, not with an X

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