Sunday, November 08, 2009

More Pawlenty for President

Here's a roundup of the stories of Tim Pawlenty's first visit to Des Moines as a possible presidential contender for 2012:

Jonathan Martin for Politico wrote about how T-Paw came after President Obama.

Radio Iowa's O. Kay Henderson wrote about T-Paw borrowing (with a twist) Obama's campaign line

The Des Moines Register's Kathie Obradovich wrote about T-Paw's "smokin' hot wife". (Kathie also wasn't too impressed with Terry Branstad's speech later that night).

Lee Enterprises's Charlotte Eby wrote about how T-Paw said Dems should focus on jobs.
gave T-Paw a positive write-up. gave T-Paw a positive write-up.

The Associated Press's Mike Glover wrote how T-Paw wants Iowans to focus their anger.

The Iowa Independent's Jason Hancock wrote about how T-Paw urged Iowa Republicans to stick together.

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Anonymous said...

I for one do not care to see Pawlenty any where near the white house. listening to alot of other Minnesotans their feeling is the same. however we need a real leader not one who is all talk.