Wednesday, November 18, 2009


To continue our earlier conversation about frustration right's another item. The University of Iowa just released its "Hawkeye Poll". It shows nearly half the country worries health care reform will do more harm than good and more than half the country now disapproves of the job President Barack Obama is doing. A lot has apparently changed during his first year in office.

Here's the poll.

People keep sending me great song ideas to capture their frustration about jobs, economy, politics, life, whatever it is.

Here are a few more ideas:

Johnny Paycheck --"Take This Job and Shove It"
Loverboy -- "Working for the Weekend"
Johnny Cash -- "Five Feet High and Rising"
Willie Nelson --"Whiskey River Take My Mind"
Marvin Gaye--"Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler)."

Keep singing, friends, and keep the songs coming!

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