Sunday, November 08, 2009

Huckabee Book Tour

(Photo courtesy: Iowans_Rock)

I'm waiting to anchor the Channel 13 News at 9 on Fox 17 (yeah, that's a mouthful). So we had to send over another crew to cover former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's book signing at Border's in West Des Moines. It's interesting following tweets and Facebook posts on the wait.
Iowans_Rock, the Twitter handle for one of the lead supporters for Huckabee in Iowa, posts that Huckabee's bus broke down on the way to West Des Moines. So the 8pm scheduled start began about 45 minutes late. A curious Republican also posted on Facebook that organizers handed out color-coded bracelets to the people in line. He writes they will call people up by their color when the signing begins.

Jonathan Martin of Politico is among the people waiting in the lines. He was already in town for Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty's visit to Des Moines Saturday. He tweeted this tonight:
How serious is grassley about re-elect? he's at a borders in w des moines at huck event, working the line thru the stacks
Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley spent the weekend back in the state, as he normally does. Not sure all he did today, but apparently Grassley also stopped by the mega church, Lutheran Church of Hope, in West Des Moines for Sunday services. He later tweeted that he enjoyed some afternoon music:
Rite now enjoying great presentation by Ia Veterans military Band. More than 1000 in dsm
By ending his night with Huckabee, Grassley spent back-to-back days with two of the early favorites in his party to run for president in 2012, T-Paw and Huck. Anyone seen Palin yet? I mean it is 2009:)

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