Sunday, November 15, 2009

Culver Drops in Polls

Iowa Governor Chet Culver has been falling and he can't get up. At least not yet. Culver's popularity, according to the Des Moines Register Iowa Poll ,has dropped 20 points during the year and 10 points just since September. It's doubtful the budget mess or filmgate has helped his popularity efforts.

Two Republican candidates beat Culver head-to-head, one by quite a bit. Bob Vander Plaats topped Culver by 8 points. But Terry Branstad tripled that margin...24 points. Branstad is the only candidate in the poll who tops 50% popularity. TB hit 57%.


Speaking of popularity...My wife and I hung out with about three dozen University of Missouri-Columbia journalism students this weekend. They checked out her station and then checked out mine. I'm sure they like mine better:) They were really sharp, inquisitive and bright and made me proud.

One student said something to me like, "Wait...I just figured this out. YOU'RE Dave Price." I replied, "yep". She continued, "Dave Price is the name of the best camera we have at KOMU (the NBC station in Columbia where many of the student work part-time)." Apparently, the news director named each camera after certain employees who used to work at the station over the years. Quite an honor, I thought. I was feeling pretty good about myself...well, that is, until a friend sent me this...

It's the preview on DirectTV about what airs on WHO-TV 13 on Saturday at 10pm. Apparently, some guy named "Dave Bryce" is on. Maybe I will have to tune in. (By the way, our meteorologist also has two t's in Brett.)


Pete, Udale said...

Yikes! Looks like you better start running more commercials Governor!!!

Shane Vander Hart said...

The Life Call video is perfect compliment to this news about Culver. I honestly don't see how things improve for him in a year.

I think this will be the Republican's race to lose.