Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fong Enters Iowa Governor's Race

Today I announced & filed that I am a candidate for Governor of Iowa.

That was Republican Christian Fong's entrance into Iowa politics via Twitter. No press conference. No multi-city blitz of the state. Fong gave Cedar Rapids Gazette's Jim Lynch a heads up that he planned to do this.

These days it's a pretty unconventional way to announce a candidacy for governor. Obviously, the Twitter thing is new. But both Sioux City's Bob Vander Plaats (who has already run twice) and Christopher Rants (former House Speaker/Majority Leader/Minority Leader) are choosing to take the politically-typical baby step approach: travel around, speak to everyone and his brother, form an exploratory committee to raise money and then, ultimately, announce the official candidacy. It appears Fong has skipped most of those steps. It also appears Fong will have a lot of work to do to introduce himself to Iowans, who he will need to convince that they should change their governor, and the media, who he will need to figure out who he is and cover him.

Fong does bring a new geographic dynamic to the race. He becomes the "east-sider" vs. the other two "west-siders".

This game just got more interesting. Jeff Lamberti...Rod Roberts...Paul McKinley...Mike Whalen...Steve King...Jerry Behn...anyone else want in?

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desmoinesdem said...

I have to believe he is mainly hoping to boost his name recognition and his fundraising rolodex--there's plenty of Republican money in eastern Iowa that won't flow to candidates like Rants and Vander Plaats.