Monday, June 22, 2009

Bobcat in West Des Moines

Yes, I realize this doesn't constitute breaking news. But if the networks can run video of the Obamas eating frozen custard, then I'm going to talk about this. A West Des Moines man called me to say his wife took this great picture of a bobcat running across their back yard. I didn't realize West Des Moines had bobcats. Little did I know.

A 2007 story from Radio Iowa reports there are 5,000 bobcats in Iowa and they are increasing by 12% per year. Bugs Bunny, beware! Bobcats love to feast on those wascally wabbits.


Shane Vander Hart said...

They are all over Iowa. The biggest population of Bobcats in Iowa is just south of Indianola.

I must be a nerd for knowing that.

Well, better a Bobcat than Mountain Lion which have been seen in Iowa as well (though not in West Des Moines that I know of).

Dave Price said...

Impressive bobcat knowledge!