Monday, June 08, 2009

Boswell Mahaffey Rematch

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If you are a regular viewer of WHO-TV 13's "Insiders" program, you know Republican Mike Mahaffey hasn't tried to hide his interest for running for office again. In 1996 Mahaffey lost to Democrat Leonard Boswell in central Iowa's Third Congressional District. 14 years later, he may try again. His intentions just received a little national attention. Here's the article on the race from the Congressional Quarterly.

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mirage said...

Clearly, with Senator Brad Zaun looking to enter this race, it will close the door to Mahaffey even thinking about this. The popular Zaun draws well from not only his republican base, but strongly from democrats and independents too. Mahaffey would not finish even a close second to Zaun in a primary.

I expect Zaun to offically announce soon, making the Boswell race another to watch in Iowa.