Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vilsack Forgetting Iowa?

When Tom Vilsack was governor, he told Iowans they need to not be so brag a little. So what does Vilsack do now that he's the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture? He says his organic garden his office grows in D.C. isn't as good as First Lady Michelle Obama's garden. Come on, Mr. Secretary, what happened to that Iowa braggadocio?

I bet he's not having any trouble bragging about his Pittsburgh Penguins, who just won hockey's Stanley Cup (Vilsack grew up in the Pittsburgh area).


desmoinesdem said...

No, no, no--Iowans find it unseemly to brag about themselves. So he can't brag about his own garden. He could, however, say the first lady's garden's produce isn't as fine as what you can buy in our abundant farmers' markets.

Anonymous said...

Nothing suprises me about Vilsack. He is an opportunist it is clear to see.

Dixie Burkhart
Facts Don't Matter