Friday, July 25, 2008

Hyperventilating over Hypermiling

I did a story last night on the news at 10 about hypermiling. Yes, some people may find this money saving tactic extreme. Some may call it stupid. Dangerous. Crazy. Completely ridiculous. Others think it's worthwhile. Worth the risk. They argue you don't have to do every tactic. Do only the ones you feel are worthwhile and safe. There seems to be no middle ground on this one so far...

We received this email from Zak:

"Dave Price's story on hypermiling was outrageous. Find something worthwhile to report on. This is a dangerous practice and all this does is give someone an idea that could harm themselves or others."

Connie isn't a big fan of my latest work either:

"I rely on your high quality of news content and watch your 10:00 news every evening. I was offended by Dave Price's money saving tips last night regarding the mileage saving tips. This was an example of irresponsible journalism. The tips involved illegal tactics (not stopping completely) and dangerous (turning off your motor on hills and drafting trucks on the highway). Dave should never have submitted that story and it should never have aired. I certainly hope you will not tarnish your high reputation by airing other questionable segments like this again."

Here's the story:

Speaking of outrageous...the Cardinals bullpen is imploding. 4 blown games in a row against the Brewers. 4 in a row! Something needs to happen. And fast.


KL Snow said...

Some may call it stupid. Dangerous. Crazy. Completely ridiculous.

Yeah, count me on board with all of those.

For one, if you're really desperate to save money on gas, might I suggest looking for ways to spend less time driving? Try to live closer to work. Take public transportation. Carpool. Ride a bicycle. Or, in short: try the alternatives that don't decrease your ability to control your vehicle, create traffic hazards or fly in the face of the law.

For two, has your new friend considered the value of the time he's losing when he's the slowest car in traffic, coasting downhill with his engine off instead of keeping up with the flow of traffic?

Gas in my neighborhood has dropped over 15 cents a gallon this week. I'm glad no one I know insists on turning off their engine and coasting down hills to go get it.

Solar Stories said...

Personally I think Hypermiling is safe as long as you do not take it to extremes. I don't think hypermiling is so much the controversy, as some few unsafe hypermilers.

There are a lot of safe and sound practices that are advocated by hypermiling experts. Some of which include keeping your vehicle well maintained and ensuring correct tire pressure. These things keep your car in optimum condition, and ensure you get the most per gallon.

You could of course over inflate your tires, to get "more millage" out of your car. But I would not call that practice hypermiling. I would rather refer to that as the practice of stupidity.

I think a well balanced report on hypermiling, promoting sensible gas saving practices is well worth the time watching.

J.P. said...

The Cards blew their 25th save of the season tonight. Can you get someone in the Sports department to find out the major league record for blown saves by a team in a season?

J.P. said...

After viewing the video segment, I think Connie and Zak need to calm down. How is it outrageous to point out how people are saving money doing questionable/illegal things? Especially when you point out how these activities are dangerous.
Now, if you did a report on meth labs and gave step-by-step instructions on how to cook it...

Anonymous said...

Dave, great story! Zak, I'm sorry that you think paying accute attention to traffic is dangerous. Hypermiling is much safer than talking on a cell phone or eating while driving. Connie, from a journalism standpoint it was actually very well done, and if you paid attention they actually said that drafting was dangerous. kl snow, I don't think selling my house and moving closer to work is going to save me any money. Have you seen how much realtor fees and closing fees are??? And if my boss would let me I would not have to drive to work everyday, but I think 95% of the population does not have a choice but to go to work every weekday, and a 10 mile bicycle ride in a suit might not work. So why not double your gas milage by hypermiling?

Anonymous said...

Also, usually when coasting down a hill hypermilers will keep up with traffic or pass other cars, as seen in the video.

tigger said...

try restarting your car while coasting some cars wont start unless it is in park plus u dont have any brakes and bad steering and some states it is illegal to coast idont know why u would report on something that is so dangerous