Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Iowa Chops

Hockey fans...get ready for the Iowa Chops. Yep, forget the Iowa Thunder. Thanks to the gang at WHO-TV 13's Sports Soundoff show and its fans, the minor league hockey team in Des Moines will now be called the Chops. Soundoff fans voted the Chops as the best name and it looks like the local hockey gurus agree. So props to Andy Fales and Keith Murphy!

Surely, they'll serve Iowa pork chops during the games, right? Surely, they will.


Anonymous said...


Instead of calling the arena "The Well" we should call it "The Slaughterhouse."

Man, that would be so freaking sweet.

Anonymous said...

oh please 4:08, that was so not "kosher"

Al said...

I can smell the manure coming from the Hog House already. They stink.

Anonymous said...

Who paid for this? Who's behind this? The real joke is on them. "Iowa Chops" SUCKS BIG TIME. They should of had a state wide contest,the winner gets a seasons free pass'es