Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Iowa State Fair, Ticket for 1, Please

John McCain's campaign hasn't formally announced it, but apparently he is making an appearance at the world famous Iowa State Fair. An email to supporters says the Senator will head to the fair August 8th. No other details have been released. Jackie Norris, Barack Obama's State Director, said Obama doesn't have plans to attend the fair.

McCain's State Chairman Dave Roederer didn't exactly predict a win. But he did make a prediction during our taping this afternoon of "Channel 13's Insiders" (seen at 9:30 on WHO-TV 13 Sunday mornings). He predicted that if McCain wins Iowa, he will win the presidency. Roederer believes if Iowa goes Mac's way, then it probably also means nearby states (Obama's "home" state of Illinois?) will, too. Jackie Norris declined to make any predictions, although she says she feels pretty confident Obama will win Iowa. She is taking nothing for granted though.

(This is hardly a comforting picture)

Anybody ever had a root canal? My tooth has been killing me the last few days. I don't normally have problems with it. My dentist couldn't really find anything wrong. Neither could the root canal specialist (I can't remember the fancy name they call him). Although, he said I will likely need a root canal at some point. That sounds horribly painful.


Anonymous said...


I've had a couple. They're not bad if you've got novicane.

Anonymous said...

From my personal experience, if your tooth is hurting you that much, the root canal is actually a RELIEF, especially when they first crack open the tooth.