Thursday, July 17, 2008


Man, I thought finding freebies on the internet would be no sweat. Oops. It can be done. But it took me forever. There were so many places promising you something. But really you had to answers all kinds of questions first and many times you had to buy something. How is that free? And I didn't find a single offer for one of those "free" $250 or $500 gift cards from some place that turned out to be legit. All I found were scams.

For the past week, I've gone blurry-eyed searching through these things. I've come up wth a dozen freebies so far. Post a comment below if you have your own. There have to be more good ones out there that are actually FREE!


Quik Trip free hot dog and 32 oz. drink
$5 gift certificate when you buy $50 merchandise (yeah, I know. Not quite free).
$20 gift certificate for opening baby registry
free Nivea for Men Extreme Comfort Shaving Gel and Post Shave Balm
Free Country Bob’s All-Purpose Sauce
Pledge Multi-Surface Duster Starter Kit
Clorox Color Safe Bleach
Gillette Body Wash
Honey Clusters Cereal and Oats and Chocolate Bar
Scott’s Xtreme Rags
Granola cereal
FitSmart bar

This is making its way around the internet. A Cardinals' friend sent it to me (and, yes, it's a joke!)

(Brussels) Anheuser-Busch has accepted a $52 billion takeover bid from Belgium-based InBev NV to create the world's largest beer maker and end a month-long standoff. While pitching the deal in recent weeks, InBev chief executive Carlos Brito has said that he is "committed to the city of St. Louis" and that changes here would be minimal. One that Brito said will show up shortly after this weeks Major League Baseball All-Star event in New York will be a minor one in the long standing uniforms worn by the St. Louis Cardinal Baseball team. First-baseman Albert Pujols, one of the first to try the new outfits said "while it may take a little time for Cardinal fans to fall in line behind the change, I personally like them a lot. They'll really be enjoyable during those hot, muggy days in late July and August. I expect all of the fans will be wearing them before the end of the season!" Sporting goods stores around the St. Louis area report brisk sales of the new Cardinal memorabilia.


Steven B. said...

This was very helpful and Thank You, just to let you know the first three freebeeies the links don't work.

Paula J. said... this is an awesome site that has lots of freebies that someone else has found. They have all kinds of catagorys!

Gary L. said...

You forgot to mention one thing. The sites with surveys sell your Email address to everyone on the internet. I filled one out for Home Depot. Before I filled out the survey I had no spam. Now I have 10 or more a day. Thank you Home Depot!

Dave Price said...

Great point about the spam. I should have made that part of my tv story. No doubt, you get more
junk e-mail.

Dave Price said...

Steven B.

Thanks for the post. I'm not sure why the links didn't work. I just went back in and added them again.

Thanks a lot,

And, Paula, thanks for that other site. I'll have to check it out.