Monday, July 21, 2008

A Celebration not in Ankeny Brass

For the past 25 years, Ankeny usually plays host to a pretty cool celebration. It's the annual Celebration in Brass. As a former trumpet player, I really have enjoyed the show. This year the chamber of commerce took a pass at hosting the event. Chamber Executive Director Julie Cooper told me her group had two other events around the same time so the board of directors voted not to sponsor CIB this year (she mentioned the Ankeny Golf Open and Summerfest, which would all take place within 20 days of CIB). has details about other stops on the tour, which does include a show in Dubuque this Saturday night. Time for a road trip.

Cooper said West Des Moines might consider taking it over. Let the music begin. Again.

Big four game series coming up for the Cardinals this week against Milwaukee. They need at least three of four in this series to keep the pressure on Chicago and hopefully start pushing the Brewers back in the standings. LaRussa sat Pujols yesterday. I know it was crazy hot and the Cards have 18 games in 18 days. But I'm curious if there was anything else to it. Pujols hasn't been driving the ball much. And I've noticed he's been wearing some type of sleeve on his left arm. We know he has a bad right elbow. But what is going on with his left arm? It seems he is always playing with some type of injury. And yet he is hitting nearly .360!

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Alex Larson said...

Just saw this from last year Have you heard anything through the grapevine about a show this year? DCI lists one in des moines on 6\25 but has no show info