Monday, July 21, 2008

Stay Away, Senator

The Washington Times broke this story as far as I know... Iowa's most nationally-known Senator Chuck Grassley isn't worthy of being a delegate at the Republican National Convention, or so it appears. The article says the Christian right of the party decided Grassley shouldn't get voting privileges at the convention.

This further plays out the rift between the Christian right and the rest of the party in the state. Is this the type of move that will help the party get McCain the most votes in Iowa and help republicans take back the state house and senate? Or will this just implode the party for an absolute election day butt-whippin' and a bigger blood bath afterwards? I suppose we will know in a few months.

Speaking of McCain...what do you think of the overall coverage of the presidential race so far? The Associated Press has this story out citing a non-partisan study that shows Obama is getting nearly twice the press attention McCain is. Is that fair?

The Cardinals lost another tough one. It seems like most losses lately are tough. Maybe it's just that I'm actually starting to think they may have a shot at the playoffs. I don't understand LaRussa's pitching decision. He wants 13 arms in the bullpen and it leaves him a woefully-understaffed bench. Looper, a pitcher, had to pinch hit in the the 10th? His bench was already gone by then. That's not good. If the bullpen is really that unreliable that he needs 13 pitchers, it's time to get some new pitchers!


Shane Vander Hart said...

I wouldn't read too much into Senator Grassley not getting to be on the delegation. Roberts critique is exactly why you saw many evangelicals elected to the State's Central Committee. The party doesn't want to slide to the left.

While I think Grassley should have been a delegate, I do believe the reason is to let more grassroots players into the convention. Part of the GOP problem has been playing to the establishment.

I also think it is pretty obvious who is the favorite candidate among the media. Most of the interviews that he has had have been fluff. The media is in love with Obama.

Anonymous said...

This idiotic logic only holds if you believe that the social conservatives hate Steve King, too, because he's not a delegate either.

This story was fabricated and you should stop perpetuating it.

Anonymous said...

MEDIA FAVORITISM FOR OBAMA!With as Uber Liberal the Main Sream is, GO FIGURE!

J.P. said...

Does it really matter that Obama gets twice as many mentions in the media when many of those mentions are negative stories? Rev. Wright, Muslim urban legends, etc.?