Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tom T.

"God Bless the U.S.A." is bringing in Congress Tom Tancredo. Former Congressional Candidate Bill Salier just introduced him...

Tancredo's started talking, but a lot of people in the audience are, too. Perhaps, it's just the commotion of Romney's people moving around. (Supporters get to stand in the "mosh pit" in front of their candidate while he's speaking. They then move out when their candidate finishes, so the next group can move in."

Here are some of his words:

Tancredo lamented how people complain about people who think like he does about evicting illegal immigrants. "They call us xenophobes, racists."

Man, he talks fast.

"Political correctness can cost us our lives."

"The only rule of engagement I will have in the Tancredo administration will be, we win. You lose."

He just supported the Fair Tax.

"We will deport people who are here illegally, because it's the law." (his biggest ovation so far)

Favorite movie he said: Saving Private Ryan.

First Ronald Reagan story. I don't remember Romney saying one, although he often does.

Cue Lee Greenwood....

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