Monday, August 13, 2007

Grillin' with BO

Barack Obama has apparently found some dinnermates to "grill" least, that's the way his campaign puts it...
Obama Campaign Announces Iowans Selected for “Grilling with Barack”
BBQ&A Will Give Obama a Chance to Respond to Iowans on the Issues Before the Iowa Debate

DES MOINES – The Obama for America campaign today announced the 10 Iowans selected to go “Grilling with Barack” at a BBQ on August 18th, the day before the ABC debate at Drake University. “Grilling with Barack” comes during Obama’s five-day “Road to Change” tour across Iowa August 15th through 19th.

“The hundreds of thoughtful, heartfelt questions we received are a testament to how seriously Iowans take their responsibility as the first-in-the-nation caucus state,” Obama said. “It was very difficult to narrow the selection to only 10 people, but I’m really looking forward to grilling out with them and talking about how together, we can change our politics in Washington.”

The campaign announced “Grilling with Barack” in a video featuring Obama on its Iowa campaign website. To enter, Iowans submitted a question they wanted to ask Obama at between August 7th and 11:59 PM on August 11th. The campaign then chose the 10 dinner guests based on the submissions.

The campaign received 807 submissions in just the one week the contest was open. The BBQ will be held in the Cedar Rapids area and specific details will be announced later this week.

The 10 Iowans selected for Grilling with Barack are listed below:

Matthew Josten, Ventura
Matthew is a college student and the son of a farmer in Cerro Gordo County. He’s interested in hearing about how Obama would address the issue of poverty in America. Other issues Matthew is concerned about are the Iraq war and how to restore our standing in the world.

Rose Holmes, Forest City
Rose is a single mother of an 11-year-old son. She is looking for a candidate who truly understands the health-care crisis and will do something to address it.

David Grant, Cedar Falls
David is an assistant professor of English at the University of Northern Iowa. He is interested in how Obama will address global climate change in a way that is fair and sustainable.

Laura Medberry, Fairbank
Laura is a principal at a rural elementary school in Buchanan County. Laura wants to know about Obama’s plans for rural America, specifically rural schools.

Jason Nissen, Fairbank
Jason is in the process of starting his own small software business. He wants to know about Obama’s thoughts on scientific research and the government’s role in funding stem-cell research.

Gail Kenkel, Council Bluffs
Gail is a public school teacher with a son in the military. She wants to know how we can fix No Child Left Behind in a way that supports academic excellence without overburdening teachers with paper work and the pressure to teach to the test.

Karen Osborne, New London
Karen is a retired mother of three from Henry County. She is like many Iowans out there, just looking to be convinced that a particular candidate is the right person to be our next president. She is also looking for someone will bring the country together, not seek to divide it.

Molly Cassens, Fairfield
Molly works for a company that recruits software engineers for various companies throughout the Midwest. Her husband is from Mozambique and she wants to know what Obama will do as president to help Africa with the crises that continent faces every day.

Emily Elliot, Grimes
Emily is a new mother. She and her husband are recent graduates of the University of Iowa and settled in the Urbandale area. They hope one day to start their own renewable energy business and want to know how an Obama administration will seek ways to develop the field and provide more opportunities in it.

Ron Carlson, Clearfield
Ron is a part-time pastor at a local church and a full-time student seeking his master’s of divinity degree. Ron wants to know how Obama plans to change a health-care system that others have unsuccessfully tried to change for decades.

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