Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No Ames after All

So much for the big scoop on Hillary Clinton laboring in Ames next Monday. I posted yesterday how her campaign had asked the Ames City Council to block off a portion of downtown so Clinton could hold an event for approximately 1,000 people.

The campaign today sent out an early advisory that Clinton and her hubby will be going to Des Moines (and Sioux City). No official word yet on why Des Moines and not Ames.

But an employee in the Ames City Clerk's office filled us in. She said Hillary Clinton’s campaign submitted its the original request last Thursday. She said it was "a late request" for such an event involving a road closure of Main Street. However, the city manager’s recommendation was to approve the request on the basis that it will “create positive energy and promote downtown businesses”.

The clerk’s office says that a Clinton campaign worker called late yesterday (4:00 p.m.) – an hour or so before the city council meeting was to convene – that there was a change of plans and the event was not going to occur.

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Mitch Henry said...

Labor should not forget that Hillary served on the Walmart board of directors in the 1980's and Bill accepted campaign contributions from the Walmart family and board of directors when he was the Governor of Arkansas. In addition, Bill Clinton signed NAFTA in 1993.