Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Clinton Laboring on Labor Day

Looks like Hillary Clinton is planning on laboring on Labor Day. We found this on the Ames City Council's agenda for tonight. It's a request from the Clinton campaign to get the city to block off an area in downtown Ames for a speech on "labor issues" for an event of about 1,000 people.

Lucky for Clinton, it's a holiday. The campaign won't have to pay to block off the area by the parking meters, since they're free on holidays.

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Alliegirl said...

Here's a random thought that's been weighing on my mind. Reading this topic just kinda made my eyes roll.
This will be the umptenth time that Hillary has visited Iowa to seduce our voters once again. Looking at her campaign schedule, she's been bouncing around from state to state campaigning for President ever since she was re-elected.
I mean, here's my grievance, train of thought, problem with the whole thing, blah blah blah....isn't she obligated to her constituents to do her job? The job of being a Senator?? Isn't that what all the New Yorkers had put their faith in her for when they voted her in...is to represent them? Help them? Work for THEM? Is trying to get a bigger better job, campaigning in every other state in the Union actually working for them? You never hear of anything that she's actually accomplishing in her state at the present time. The only thing you hear is of her plans for our country if she were to be voted in as President. So is she actually doing anything for her state while on the campaign trail?
And not to single out Hillary...it's all the candidates...with exception to who?? Uhhhh...Giuliani? And Thompson, who btw should just cut to the chase and enter the race already.
I would really like to know what all these elected officials are doing for their states that voted for them to do a certain job but all the while they're off devoting all their time campaigning for a different one.