Monday, April 16, 2007

Va Tech Grad Culver Talks about Shootings

Just got this from the Gov's office...


(Des Moines) Below is a statement from Governor Chet Culver on today’s shootings on the Virginia Tech campus, his alma mater. Governor Culver graduated in 1988 with a degree in political science.


“I am deeply saddened by today’s shootings on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. My prayers go out to the students, faculty and staff whose lives will forever be changed by today’s events. It is a sobering realization that this could be the deadliest campus shooting in history. It casts a mournful pall over the splendid campus as those who knew the victims, and those who did not, try to make sense of what has happened.

“On a personal note, I am distraught that the peace and joy I enjoyed during my time as student has been shattered for the thousands of students who live and study there. My heart goes out to every family member and friend of those individuals who died today. This nation is holding its collective breath, praying for those people whose futures are uncertain.

“We, as Iowans, feel a sense of empathy and compassion because a similar event 16 years ago, stole the innocence from the University of Iowa. A lone gunman claimed the lives of five people and himself in a senseless shooting. There will be a period of mourning, and the nation mourns with you. I pledge to Governor Tim Kaine, the state of Virginia and the Virginia Tech family, my prayers, support and any assistance I may provide during this difficult time.”

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Anonymous said...

This is the ULTIMATE in the PRICE OF POLITICS! Listen to the comments of LIBERALS in Iowa about arming campus POLICE who are CERTIFIED OFFICERS. They would hate to see this. I would HATE to see another shooting happen on one of Iowa Campus' where first responders, who would be Campus Police, would be HELPLESS to confront an ARMED person and would have to wait till armed police arrive to stop the violence.
Campus' want security, they dont want to admit or are just to ignorant to realize the world is NOT like it was when we were children. There has been 911, there are factions out there who advocate violence, MY GOD didnt they learn their lesson when 5 people died on an Iowa University Campus to a shooter!!!

I applaud the politicians who want to make it LAW that Campus Police will be given the tools to PROPERLY PROTECT our children and others in the unfolding minutes if and when another act of violence occurs. To those politicians who say this is being politicized,you all should be ashamed for making that comment, I say you need to wake up, how safe would our cities be if officers were NOT ARMED! This is how the world is, BOARD OF REGENTS WAKE UP AND GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND!! Quit making POLICY on an area you have no knowledge about!! and let the professionals do what is needed to try their best to prevent another tragedy from occuring again. In closing id like to ask the Board of Regents and those who are against arming Campus Police this, What if it were your loved one who was being held by a gunman and you had to watch as they killed your loved one right in front of you!?! How terrible would you feel if you knew if you were equally armed, you may have prevented your loved one from dying needlessly!

Think about it!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is one educator who calls our job as it is:

"There is no 'nice' way to arrest a potentially dangerous, combative suspect. The police are our bodyguards, our hired fists, batons, and guns. We pay them to do the dirty work we're too afraid, too unskilled, or too civilized to do ourselves. We expect them to keep the bad guys out of our businesses, cars, houses, and out of our face. We want them to 'take care of the problem.' We just don't want to see how it's done."
- Charles H. Webb Ph.D., CSU, Long Beach, CA.

A Lawman in Iowa