Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Popcorn (No Peanuts) and the President

I guess we should have eaten something before we got here in Iowa City (although we did stop at that great Chinese buffet place in downtown Newton). My Carver-Hawkeye feast: $7.75. This popcorn better be good. Shouldn't they serve peanuts here tonight? Oh, well, maybe my extra cash will help them find a new president here.

I'm told they expect 9,000 people to hear former President Jimmy Carter here tonight. And people thought Obama's throng of 6,000 was a lot in Ames.

I haven't actually seen the former Prez yet. We expected to shoot some video of him signing autographed copies of his latest book earlier this afternoon. But we were not allowed in.

Mr. Carter ended up quitting about 30 minutes early. But some of the people who had been waiting for him said they could trade the books they brought with them for an autographed copy that he apparently signed ahead of time. They all seemed o.k. with it. Well, except the protester outside who disagreed with the Prez' use of the word "apartheid" in his book. She apparently was not interested in an autographed copy.

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