Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Great 8 Debate

So did you watch? Eight dems tonight kicked off the debate season on MSNBC live from South Carolina. As I'm watching in our newsroom, my co-workers keep stopping by to see how it's going. Mike Gravel seems to have received the most "oohs" and "aahhs". You can probably predict their question, though..."who IS that guy?"

What's coming out of this?

Bill Richardson said he'd end the war on his first day in office.

Dennis Kucinich several times called out his fellow Congress members. Apologizing for their war vote isn't enough and this latest bill the dems approved to bring troops out of Iraq (which the Prez seems sure to veto) also isn't enough. They need to just cut off the money, he believes.

Barack Obama wants the confederate flag locked in a museum.

Hillary Clinton says she's made too many mistakes to count (she mentioned her first attempt at universal health care when her husband was Prez) and....Wal-Mart's a mixed blessing for the American people.

John Edwards initially said he couldn't identify his moral leader, then he cited his Lord, his wife and his father.

Joe Biden defended Hillary Clinton to her republican critics.

Mike Gravel said only thing worse than soldiers dying in vain is more soldiers dying in vain.

Chris Dodd paused before raising his hand to say he has had a gun in his home.

No candidate agreed to along with Kucinich to impeach VP Cheney.

I'm sure the campaigns found far more news.

What did you think of this? Who won? Who lost? Who cares?

(btw, I hope you'll check out a new addition to Click on "Guest Plog" to hear some others' thoughts on how the candidates did)


Steve said...

Great "plogs" on your other site! Is anyone else scared of Gravel?????

Good points sometimes, but a little CRAZY!!!!!!

Dave Price said...

Just think of the news that would have come out of the debates had someone besides Gravel made the comments he did.

Anonymous said...

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