Thursday, April 19, 2007

State Dems Cashing in on Candidates

Looking for a van?

Wanna make some big money fast? Buy a disk. Put 80,000 email addresses on it. Sell it to any democrat who wants to become President.

The Iowa Democratic Party has now sold 8 copies of its Voter Activation Network (VAN). VAN identifies state democrats who have caucused in the last few elections. It helps campaigns figure out who to target for support and makes it pretty easy to actually get a hold of these people.

Who bought the list?

Joe Biden
Hillary Clinton
Chris Dodd
John Edwards
Barack Obama
Bill Richardson
Tom Vilsack
Mark Warner

This VAN doesn't come cheap. It's $100,000 (I'm told Warner had actually only paid half the bill when he dropped out). So the total take for the Iowa Democratic Party is $750,000 so far.

Howard Dean, John Edwards, Dick Gephardt, Bob Graham and John Kerry bought a copy last time around.

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