Monday, April 09, 2007

King Can't Stand (with) the Prez

Tom Tancredo look-alike, Iowa Congressman Steve King, (King admits even he can't always tell the two apart on tv) isn't so high on the Prez' new idea to let illegal immigrants pay to stay in the U.S.
The Prez says his idea isn't amnesty since he'd make undocumented workers pay for a temporary visa to stay and work here.

King told me the Prez' definition of "amnesty" is apparently different from the rest of Americans. King thinks the idea just rewards people for breaking the law. King wants illegal deported.

The Prez said deporting illegal immigrants isn't practical. King thinks it's not as hard as it sounds. He doesn't think law enforcement will be running around all over the place deporting people. He says once illegal immigrants find out the U.S. is coming after them, many of them will leave on their own.

BTW, I talked with King on his cell phone as he sat in his car in a Hy-Vee grocery store parking lot in Denison. He said he was paying his income taxes. He wasn't too high on the Internal Revenue Service either, he said.

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Anonymous said...

I had noticed the same thing, Tancredo spends a lot of time in King's district- that was my first tip. Go where the gold is!
Roger Riley