Friday, October 27, 2006

Poor, Dave


The boy's name David is pronounced DAY-vid. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "beloved." makes it sound pretty good, huh? Letterman, Matthews, Chappelle, Barry, uh, Price. They all love the name. Lamberti?

Lamberti's now completed the trifecta: George W Bush, Laura Bush and Dick Cheney. They've all come to town to trumpet his skills in the 3rd district race. Too bad every one of them butchered his name. (O.K., maybe "butchered" is a little strong. How about "hacked"?)

"Jeff LAM'-berti", so said the Veep and First Lady. The Veep also used "Lam-ber-TAY".

Now the Prez commended the efforts of "Dave" Lamberti. Sorry, Jeff. But the money's good, right?

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Shawn said...

Jeff, Dave, it's all the same right. Well, atleast when it comes to politicians. Democrat, Republican, it's all the same. What a mess they have all created. Do these guys really think we have any respect for them anymore. To see them stand up and talk about values just makes me sad. We are overseas trying to start new Democracies and can't get our own right.