Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mac is Back

Senator John McCain is coming back to the metro next week and he has a new group of leaders who'll have his back.

Here's the release:

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Today Straight Talk America announced that thirteen state legislators have joined together forming the Iowa Legislative Advisory Team for the PAC. These legislators will advise Straight Talk America on matters relating to the Iowa Legislature and their efforts to gain and maintain Republican control of the Iowa Senate and House.
Joining Straight Talk America are Senator Larry McKibben, Senator John Putney, Senator Pat Ward, Senator Mark Zieman, Representative Rich Anderson, Representative Dave Heaton, Representative Steve Lukan, Representative Mike May, Representative Rod Roberts, Representative Bill Schickel, Representative Doug Struyk, Representative David Tjepkes, and Representative Walt Tomenga.
"We greatly appreciate Senator McCain’s support of our Republican candidates," said Roberts, House Assistant Majority Leader from Carroll. "I look forward to working with Senator McCain to maintain control of the House of Representatives."
"Senator McCain has shown tireless effort helping elect Republicans across the country and I am proud to advise him on his efforts here in Iowa," said McKibben, Republican President Pro Tempore of Marshalltown. "Senator McCain’s leadership and experience will be invaluable to our efforts to regain control of the Iowa Senate."
"I am honored to have the support of these fine legislators," said Senator John McCain. "Their connection with the grassroots community in Iowa will make a big impact on our efforts to elect Republicans in 2006."
These legislators join State Senator Chuck Larson as advisors to the PAC along with former Chair of the Iowa Bush-Cheney 2004 Campaign, David Roederer, who was announced last month as Iowa Chairman of Straight Talk America.


Anonymous said...

I heard Heaton was not on board. Now that may make an interesting blog entry. Who really supports McCain rather than a press release.

Dave Price said...

Yep. Heaton's people send us a press release saying he hadn't committed to anyone, much less McCain. That's quite an "ooops". How does that happen?