Thursday, October 19, 2006

Money, Money, Money

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Just got the latest money numbers...

Chet Culver

$ raised this period (July 15-Oct 14) $3,096,178
$ spent this period $3,641,002
$ on hand $707,781
$ raised (since Jan 05) $6.33 million

Jim Nussle

$ raised this period (July 15-Oct 14) $2,848,057
$ spent this period not provided
$ on hand $1,325,330
$ raised (since Jan 05) $7.1 million

Gov Vilsack raised about $ 8 million for his re-election campaign in 2004.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, these numbers just prove how pathetic these people really are. How about a nice little budget of $5,000 each. That covers their gas and time to go town to town. But what these people have been blowing away and shadily raising only shows you how willign they truely are to sell out to the highest bidder. Only one single word can sum up teh entire politcal process within our state... Owned. Thank you and have a nice nay folks.

Anonymous said...

This guy is right. If Nussle or Culver spent the entire wad of cash on buying food for the hoards of people in Iowa living in poverty instead of the smoke and mirrors parties they enjoy so much; either one would be elected instaneously. I guess when you plan to stick it to millions of people though, you're going to need as much smoke and mirrors as humanly possible though.

Dave Price said...

A budget of $5,000, now that would be interesting. But how would the candidates afford those nauseating, misleading commercials?

The Real Sporer said...

there aren't hoards of iowans living in poverty. that's the kind of hyperbole that prevents a rational discussion of economic policy.

Although I agree that the money isn't entirely well spent. However, we need more poltical coverage, more discussion on the "free broadcast" networks because there isn't any other way to reach a mass audience, at least no cost effective.

You guys deserve a gold star because you guys do a lot of political coverage. But we need more, much more, clash of facts and ideas, solutions and not just problems in the main stream national media or candidates will be forced to define themselves through the less than loveable commercials.

Dave Price said...

I don't see how most of those commercials do much to tell a candidate's position by blasting the other sides in that ominous announcer voice over the slo-mo black and white footage. Although, I agree the media have to keep pushing for more coverage of our local, state and national leaders. We need to find ways to keep the dialogue going so we can all elect people who really will make a difference in government.