Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pachyderm Pride

It's an elephant stampede across Iowa. Check out this list and tell me if the republicans are concerned about getting out "their base" on election night...

President George W Bush
First Lady Laura Bush
Senator John McCain
Governor George Pataki
Governor Mitt Romney
Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Representative Newt Gingrich
Senator Bill Frist

I'm told we will likely see all of these people stopping in Iowa in the next week. Holy pachyderm!

Outside the Dome...

You know how some days just kick your a*$? Today was one of those. Slept badly. Couldn't seem to get caught up on election stuff. And, then, this came...

Chocodiles! I remember having them in Belleville, Illinois, where I grew up (before you ask, it's near St. Louis). Chocodiles are chocolate-covered twinkies. What more could you want in life? I mentioned a few months ago I had this completely random craving for them. And Mark Hoffman, an engineer here at station, remembered. He found them on-line. Who knew?

Chauncey the Chocodile. He got fired in the '90s as the spokesman. Was he too pimp?


Michael S. said...

This reminds me of the Kispy Kremenator - Chet Culver. Chet loves Krispe Kreme . Chet reminds me of the Gov. in Primary Colors (without the girlfriends).

Anonymous said...

I understand the Drake Dems are going to protest this afternoon at the Reps headquarters...could be interesting...seems Sporer has really crossed the line with his comments about Michael J. Fox! Will there be any news coverage?

The Real Sporer said...

Nothing like deep fried twinkies though, absolutley wonderful.

Crossed what line friend? The imaginary line between truth and fiction that liberals think protect them from criticism, no matter how low their trick? You concede all of my factual premises, but somehow I'm over the line to bring the outrageous distortion and deception in which the Dems are engaged with Mr. Fox. Truth is a hard mistress my friend.

The protesters were cute and nice, and their effort just made my day.

Anonymous said...

Well, my friend maybe we should look at all this for what it is...
you are a Rep chairman, you are representing the majority of Republicans in Polk County and Central IA (I hope they are happy with your representation). Anyway let's move on and leave the stem cell research to the qualified scientists and Drs...not to Rep attorneys.