Monday, October 23, 2006

I Have a Secret...

Let's see...Chet Culver has a secret. Republican conspiracy theory: Culver's bringing back Touchplay. That's why he's taking all the money from Touchplay supporters.

Today we found out that Jim Nussle has a secret. Democratic conspiracy theory: Nussle's expanding casino gambling. That's why he's taking all the money from casino owners.

The brain drain, workforce shortages, energy independence, tuition costs...surely voters don't need to hear about those issues as they decide which one of these two guys should be their next governor, right?

Is it possible all these dollars to the gub candidates will pay for revenge? Could it be that Touchplay owners are ticked that republicans screwed them out of millions by taking away their gambling machines? Could it also be that casino owners are backing republicans to make sure they don't have to deal with Touchplay competition?


Michael S. said...

Dave I liked your story last Friday night on the TouchPlay - Good Job. Dave Yepsen has a good write up in his Des Moines Blog on the TouchPlay ealier today (Tuesday AM). I just read the new Cityview online and found an interesting story in the Media Matter section: We’re told Register reporter William Petroski tried to write a story about Chet Culver and his ties to the TouchPlay Coalition but it was nixed by political editor Kathie Obradovich. Obradovich’s husband, James, is a lobbyist for the TouchPlay industry (Oasis Gaming)....

Interesting. Keep in Touch Dave.

Anonymous said...


Speaking of money and donations, why don’t you do a story on Christopher Rants and his 527, Iowa Leadership Council?

Rants would not allow the cigarette tax issue to be brought up for debate when clearly the vast majority of Iowans were supportive of it?

A new Des Moines Register poll shows 70 percent of the state's adults favor raising the cigarette tax by 60 cents a pack, while 29 percent are opposed and 1 percent are unsure. “Iowans back Vilsack plan to increase cigarette tax”Des Moines Register 02/22/2004

Would it have anything to do with Big Tobacco’s donations to his 527 Iowa Leadership Council? (RJ Reynolds’ $25,000 on 10/12/05, Lorillard’s $10,000 on 12/12/05, or Altria’s $25,000 on 12/29/05)

And yet, the majority of Iowans were willing to keep the TouchPlay machines?

“A majority of Iowans are unwilling to pull the plug on the Iowa Lottery’s new TouchPlay machines…(only) 41 percent of Iowans want state leaders to get rid of TouchPlay machines…” Des Moines Register 02/01/2006

Would that have any connection to Gary Kirke’s $50,000 donation on 2/9/06 to his 527 Iowa Leadership Council?

The two top Republicans in the Iowa Legislature held a news conference to denounce the TouchPlay industry for donating to Democrats running for the statehouse. House Speaker Christopher Rants, a Republican from Sioux City, says TouchPlay owners and operators have formed a new group called "Revenues for Main Street" that's donating exclusively to Democrats. "They seem to be placing an awfully big bet on the Democrats running for the state legislature and no doubt expect a pay-off in November. There is something very fishy about why the TouchPlay special interests are playing so hard in this year’s campaign,” said House Speaker Christopher Rants (R-Sioux City). . Radio Iowa October 23, 2006, by O. Kay Henderson

Hmm, maybe they figure this is how YOU play the game.

I think for once Senator Mary Lundby has it right, “All Iowans have to do is follow the money.” . Radio Iowa October 23, 2006, by O. Kay Henderson

Michael S. said...

While we are on the Tobacco issue let's not forget that Jerry Crawford (lobbyist for Moss " TouchPlay" Ditrubting) contributed $52,000 to Chet Culver. Jerry Crawford is also a lobbyist for Phillip Morris USA, Inc. - Altria Corporate Service.

The consumer packaged goods companies in the Altria family have brand portfolios that include some of the best-known brand names in the world. Within these portfolios are Marlboro...

Hmm, there is something very fishy about the TouchPlay special interest.

Michael S. said...

Iowa legislators overwhelmingly supported the TouchPlay ban on March 13th & 14th (40-10 in the state senate and 80-18 in the Iowa house). Governor Tom Vilsack signed the TouchPlay ban on March 20, less than a week after passing in the Iowa house. The overwhelming passage of the TouchPlay ban was nonpartisan as 80% of legislators voted in support of the TouchPlay ban. Over 95% of the pro-TouchPlay lobby were the operators, distributors and manufactures of the TouchPlay (Terry Moss, Craig Cahoon, William Wohlers, William Krause, etc.).