Saturday, July 09, 2011

Jeter Hits 3,000, Good-Bye, Friday Night Lights

Jeter's Jack: Derek Jeter is a professional athlete. He's in great shape. He's had his share of dates with famous women. And today he became the first member of the New York Yankees to get 3,000 hits. And he did it in style with a home run. I'm not a Yankees fan. I don't hate them or anything. But since I was born and raised in the St. Louis area, I'm loyal to the redbirds. But I'm a rabid baseball fan. And I've always appreciated Jeter's work ethic and professionalism. He seems like a true leader. And while I don't have intimate knowledge of his dating life (and really don't want to either), I do remember an interview he did a while back. He knows the life of a ballplayer (and the female luxuries it can bring) and he decided that he would stay single until he was old enough and mature enough to settle down. Apparently actress Minka Kelly convinced him he was ready for that now (and randomly he is building a HUGE house just a few miles from where my in-laws live in Tampa).

I don't mean this to be a love fest, but it's just refreshing to follow a player who seems to play the game the right way. And there's been no talk of him juicing up so he can hit more homers, or getting busted for DUI's, or getting involved in bar fights. He just play the game. And he has done it better than few other shortstops ever have.

Here's the video of his record-setting hit.

Speaking of Minka...her old show, Friday Night Lights, shows its series finale this Friday at 7pm central on NBC. She doesn't seem to be part of the show any more. But the rest of the cast make this show amazing. I'm very disappointed to see it's coming to an end. NBC hasn't exactly found itself full of prime-time hits the past few years, so I had hoped it would find a way to keep the show going. But it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Five seasons just aren't enough. If you haven't seen it, the show's about a couple in Dillon, Texas. He's the high school football coach. She's the guidance counselor. They have been the constants on the show. The cast of high schoolers changes from season to season which keeps the plot ever-changing and fresh. It's a feel- good show that's not too cheesy. Great acting. Great writing. A great show. I'll miss it.


dpomama said...

I'll give kudos to Jeter-though I'm not a Yankees fan. (PLUS I still think Pete Rose should be a hall of famer.)
Really loved Friday Night Lights. I will miss that program. Wish they'd bring it back!

Dave Price said...

We need to start a letter-writing campaign. Wait, do people still do that? Maybe a Facebook campaign to save Friday Night Lights!