Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bachmann Coming to Iowa

Bachmann's Back: I must say I was surprised to see Republican presidential candidate and current Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann setting plans to campaign in Iowa this weekend, in light of the debt debacle in Washington. The house was going to vote on lifting the debt ceiling (or not lifting it) at some point. I first read about the congresswoman's plans Friday night when I saw the email from the campaign. It said she would come to Iowa Saturday, Sunday and Monday. But several hours later, the campaign then said she would not come here in person after all. She would phone into the event instead. And that's what she did in Sioux City. The Des Moines Register reports Bachmann called in and again cast doubts on whether the country would really go into default if Congress fails to come to agreement before Tuesday on lifting the debt ceiling. Now today, her campaign emailed again to say she would return to Iowa Sunday. Stay tuned.
Bachmann's opponent, fellow member of Congress Ron Paul, had planned to have his son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, campaign for him Friday and Saturday in Iowa. Paul's campaign sent out an email Thursday morning to say Rand Paul's tour had been canceled, citing the pending debt ceiling vote this weekend.

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