Saturday, July 02, 2011

Brett Baier's Show and Jimmy Kimmel

TV Time: My friends and family back home got the chance to see me twice on national television this week. One I expected. The other? Not so much.

Here's the clip from Brett Baier's show on Fox where we talked about the 2012 presidential race in Iowa. I had hoped we could much on those ridiculously good chocolate chip cookies at Baby Boomers where we shot that interview. But I guess chocolate in the teeth wasn't what the Fox folks wanted.

OK, now the clip that WASN'T expected. I wrote about the Sarah Palin in Pella experience earlier this week.
A guy, who apparently does skits for Jimmy Kimmel's Show on ABC, (sorry, but I don't watch that show) was doing his thing in Pella. He also made his way into my wife's "live shot" and then got into mine (he also messed with CNN's reports, too).

Here is our unexpected part of this that aired Wednesday night.

What a weird week.

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