Sunday, July 17, 2011

Congressman Boswell's Family Attacked, Tiger Attacks Iowa Man

Two Attacks: What a bizarre day this has been. Some guy breaks into Des Moines area Congressman Leonard Boswell's home late last night. Boswell owns a farmhouse in rural Decatur County near the Iowa-Missouri border, near Lamoni. He was there with his wife, daughter and grandson, according to a spokesman. The intruder held a gun to Boswell's daughter and demanded money. Boswell, who had been in another room, came rushing in and struggled with the attacker. Boswell is a 77-year-old man, who's battled some serious health problems in recent years. But let's not forget he was also a U.S. Army helicopter pilot who fought in the Vietnam War. And whatever he did (Boswell wasn't talking to reporters about the incident on Sunday), he managed to help his daughter and distract the attacker. Boswell's grandson ran into another room and grabbed the congressman's shotgun. The attacker took off into the fields by the home. Boswell and his daughter got roughed up a bit in the fight, but mostly just scrapes and bruises. Everyone can be thankful for that. Who knows who this guy was who broke in? We don't know much about the investigation at the county. We called the sheriff's office numerous times but never got a call returned.

Then, there's this story about a tiger attacking a man at a zoo in eastern Iowa. What? The Associated Press reports the Cricket Hollow Zoo's owner was trying to feed the adult tiger when, for some reason, the tiger turned on him. Cricket Hollow's website says the zoo has about 300 animals, reptiles and birds in Manchester. It started with one "old, ugly llama".

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